UNIC8NE is a compact and robust connector which connects three-phases asynchronous motors to their modules.
Connecting motor with UNIC8NE has never been so easy. Despite the fast and easy fitting, IP67 water protection is guaranteed.
The compact size of  UNIC8N ,both available in axial and radial version, allows minimizing spaces, simplifying installation ens providing cost saving.
UNIC8NE, renewed compared to its younger brother UNICO, has 8 poles, 4 of which are power for the three phases and the ground and 4 of which are signal to manage brake, thermal or fan and a quick spring-connection that allows a push-pull type insertion.
UNIC8NE is available both male and female, both overmolded flying version and panel version with M20 x 1.5 thread.
The cables used for UNIC8NE flying version can be shielded or unshielded, with jacket both in PVC (fixed installation) and in PUR (dynamic installation for applications in cable chains). Panel mounting connectors (motor side) can be wired with terminations according customer’s request (rings, ferrules, ultrasonic welding or other...).
The whole range of UNIC8NE products is UL-CSA certified to comply with the requirements of the North American and Canadian markets.
The thermoplastic materials with which UNIC8NE is made have a flammability rating of UL94 V-0 class and comply with the RoHS and Reach directives.