Company history

Euroconnection S.r.l. was born in 1996 from a group with ten years' experience for what concerns the field of electric and electronic wirings.

In 1999 the company grows in size and in number of employees or partners, as Michele Bardus, the leader of Euroconnection, defines them.

In 2006, the achieved results, product of considerable effort and professionality have led to an important Quality Certification, the UNI EN ISO 9001:2000.

In 2017 the company moved into its current location, which covers an approximate area of 5000 mq, built according to environmental criteria and equipped with innovative instruments and several comforts for its employees.

Today, this group of people still works as enthusiastically and as actively as before, in a modern and suitable unity equipped with a proper instrumentation to guarantee productive efficiency with an elevated quality standard.

Over the years, the strong specialization and the continued investments in new technologies have allowed the company to become an important italian leader and among the first ones in Europe for what concerns the supply of wirings used in the fields of the industrial automation, numerically controlled machines, robotics and packaging, beverage and food.

The value of the human resources employed, besides the meaningful technological investments, have given life, over the years, to a production site which is able to confront every possible market requirement with timeliness and flexibility. This guarantees commercial recognition at global level, thanks to three key words: specialisation, quality and problem solving.